Timeline Scrubber

We have integrated the theme of the ability to navigate through months in scrubber fixed style.

If you are not on the home page, you will go in the archives page.

Featured Category

You have the opportunity to highlight in your header, four items in a category called Featured.

At any time you can decide the category name Featured by back-office.

Customize Theme

You have the opportunity to change logos, category name Featured, and social media icons.

This Page customization for theme Timeline WP is only for admin user.

Lightbox Image

We have implemented a plug-in wordpress in the theme for view photos in lightbox effect.

You can insert multiple photos in a single post with lightbox effect.

They Wrote About Us

We just got this excellent tip from Julius describing the process by which he created this very own theme, the aptly-named “Timeline-wp.”

- TechCrunch

A great gift for fans of Facebook, We are truly impressed!


This WordPress theme is a slick way to turn your blog into Facebook’s Timeline.

- The Next Web

Timeline on other CMS?

Tumblr - by Playground
Joomla - You have tried?
Blogspot - You have tried?
Drupal - You have tried?